Monday, May 5, 2014


We are officially underway!!!!!!

I had mentioned in my post announcing that we are using a gestational carrier that we were working on a fundraising page. Well, it is finally up and running and we are so excited about it. Please stop by and check it out here.
I thought I would share a little bit about my feelings about our fundraising. I have really struggled with the idea of fundraising. It has been a major pride issue for me, I didn't want to admit that Monroe and I could not do this on our own. Truth of the matter is we can not do it alone and I can't be ashamed of that. I am not sure why I have struggled so much with this, but it is just another way I have see the Lord really work in my heart. I have truly had to humble myself and ask for help.

Monroe and I are just blown away by the generosity of people in just the few days we have had the site up and running.

Thank you again to all who have given we are beyond thankful. We would love if you would pass on our site to your friends and family.

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