Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Update

Wanted to give everyone a little update on where we are in the process to having baby Campbell. I posted on our fundraising page that we had found a "potential" surrogate. I want to make sure that I update the blog as well as the fundraising page. 

We have found a wonderful woman with a heart of gold, and we are praying that everything continues to go smoothly so that we can get the REAL show on the road. Soon, I will be sharing more about our surrogate, but for now, lets call her A. 

Monroe and I took A and her husband out to dinner a few weeks ago and we connected immediately. A and I had already been talking quite a bit, and I had a really good feeling about her. We spent 4 hours at dinner and talked about everything. Let me tell you, we were wondering what the people at the table behind us were thinking, we had some pretty funny moments. Honestly, there are parts of this process that are so odd you just have to laugh. Think about it...she (hopefully) will become pregnant with OUR child, that STILL blows my mind. When your husband tells another woman "we just need to get you pregnant" that is not a normally acceptable comment; however in this situation 100 percent normal and 100 percent true.

Once again, our doctor is amazing and had unbelievable resources for us, and gave us the name of a great lawyer that specializes in this. We met with him and his team and got things moving. A and her husband had their home study on Tuesday, and in a few weeks A and I will go and meet with Dr. Miller to start the medical screening process. 

I look so forward to sharing how A and I got in contact, and to share more about this whole process and more about this amazing woman. We had been praying for this for such a long time, we prayed for someone who first and foremost had a heart for Jesus and A sure does. She has already been a blessing to us just by getting to know her. I really can NOT wait to see where this journey takes us. 

Please be praying for all the ground work that needs to get done, and for the medical screening. Things have been progressing rapidly and it's really exciting we just want to be sure that we are following God's lead. Also if you would please pray for our fundraising efforts, we are so grateful for all the donations that have been made. 

Stay tuned...there is so much more to share!! I can say one thing, Monroe and I haven't been this excited in a long time!

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  1. I'm so glad you found your surrogate, Katie! I hope you are able to raise the funds you need. Hugs.


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