Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Wonderful Weekend Getaway

The past few weeks I have been really stressed; feeling stress like I have never felt before; so much so that it caused me to break out in hives, run a fever, have repeat trips to the doctors because my thyroid levels were off...good gosh was this girl stressed.

One afternoon last week when I came home from work Monroe said, "let’s get out of town this weekend, we will leave Friday after work" I was thrilled. So after some research and deciding we really didn't want to drive for hours after work on Friday, we picked the Omni in downtown Fort Worth. I had never been to Fort Worth, so now I can say that I have, although we didn't leave the hotel once, it was more like a resort, we had no reason to leave.

We packed up the car on Friday and left Dallas around 5:30, we sat in a lot of traffic but finally arrived to our hotel around 7:00. We checked in, checked out the room and then figured out where we wanted to go eat. We went to Bob's Chop House that was located in the lobby of the hotel. It was one of the best meals, and by far the best glass of wine I have ever had. We had a great dinner and then decided to check out the rest of the hotel, the pool was located on the "terrace" but it was kind of roof level (hard to explain) we were above buildings, but it wasn't the top of the hotel. So we went to the terrace which had gardens, the pool and a little outdoor bar, we found a private seating area outside and had drink and talked. Then in old people fashion we were back upstairs by 9:30 :) Lying in bed we could see the Ranger ball park and could see the fireworks when the scored. It was so cool to lie in bed and see the city lights.

We got up the next morning and breakfast in bed. YUMMY!! Then headed to the pool, where we spent most of the day. We really felt like we were far away, not even in Texas. It was so relaxing. I went for a run, then came in and got ready for dinner. We ate dinner at one of the other restaurants at the hotel, and then went to our room and rented a movie, and were asleep early!

Woke up Sunday morning to breakfast in bed again, then checked out around 12:00 and headed home. It was the perfect weekend, we both needed to get away and not think about anything else other than us. We are both rejuvenated!!! Thanks Monroe for a great weekend, it was a great idea and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. You are the best!!

Here are a few of our pictures from our wonderful romantic getaway!
The new car all packed for it's first trip

A view of part of our room

The pretty hotel

on the terrace Friday night after dinner

our little secret area

Monroe bringing us drinks :)

Monroe by the pool

Great way to spend a day

Sunday morning before we left.

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