Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bye Bye Sweet Friend, Hello VERY Pretty BRAND NEW Friend!

Well, yesterday was the day, a sad day; my Passat is no longer a member of our family. I said all the time in the recent months how much I hated that stinkin car, but I really didn't, I just hated that she was falling apart. Well she blew (literally) last week, and I had to let her go.

I know its silly to be so emotional about a car, but as Monroe and I went to clean my stuff from it yesterday tears were streaming down my face. I have SO many happy memories in that car. It was the car I got when I turned 16, and felt oh so super cool in my fully loaded Passat. It was the car that Brother and I drove to school in every day my senior year and his freshman year. It was the car that took me to college, and had many adventures in Tennessee. It was the car that drove me to visit Monroe in Charleston and Clemson. It was the car that took us on our honeymoon, and drove us all the way from South Carolina to Dallas to start our life together as husband and wife.
Kissing her goodby! (ps.that is not a fat roll on my arm its a bandage from the doctor :o) thanks mom)
Now, we are on to bigger and better things. As stressful as it was to be put in the situation where we HAD to get a new car; we had fun in the process; some tears shed out of stress, a few minor disagreements but mostly fun and excitement. Last Friday (June 10th) we bought a 2011 Ford Edge. I have to brag for a minute on my hubby, he really knew what he was doing when buying this car; he worked it big time. The sales guy later told him that Ford made NO money off our car. So I am now driving a beauty, a fully loaded Black Ford Edge, that I am minorly obsessed with. I look forward to all the new memories that will be made with this car.

Love :)

Of COURSE we had to document Tango's first ride
The AMAZING hubby working a deal :)


  1. Way to go Monroe! Work that deal!

  2. Wow!! You'll have to have Monroe share his secrets!! Or he can just come with me when we have to get a new car!

  3. Had to post this from my sweet Papa...Cracks me up and he is soooo right!
    WOW -- Grandma and I like it heaps!! Was interesting to read your run down
    about all the memories you have from your old car--sweetheart, you have a short
    memory or perhaps you just want to forget this important event--seems that I
    recall your first traffic ticket!! Alas, Papa is laughing at my sweetiepie!!


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