Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today marks a very special day, my wonderful Daddy's birthday!! If you know my Dad, his birthdays last a week, just one of the things I inherited from the man.

Just wanted to give a little birthday shout out to one of the most amazing men around! He has always been there for us, he never missed a sporting event, or a school event we were so blessed to always have him able to attend everything.

He is a man with more integrity than is even imaginable. Growing up in the McLeod family our motto was "McLeod's don't lie" and he instilled that in both Tripp and I. We joke that sometimes Daddy takes this motto a little to far, like if the phone would ring and we didn't want to talk at that moment he wouldn't say "oh she just stepped out"...not my Daddy that was a lie :)

He has been a wonderful example of what a great husband is, a great father and overall a fabulous man. Watching how Daddy is with Mommy and how is is with Tripp and myslef, made me know what I wanted in a husband and in the father of my children.

Daddy, I hope that you have a great birthday/week. I love you more than you could ever know, and I am SOOOO proud to be your daughter, and no matter where I am in this world or how old we get, I will ALWAYS be your little girl.

One of my favorties!


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