Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thankful for Monroe

For some reason I have been super gushy feelings like today, I am not really sure what this emotional day is about. I am so happy, and just loving life, and really feeling it today, maybe its the FINALLY cold weather here in Dallas.

I love Monroe every day of my life, but for some reason today he has been on my mind constantly and I love him an extra lot today. I keep looking down at my hands while typing at work and seeing my stunning wedding rings which symbolize our life together, our unconditional love for each other and the commitment made to each other and to God when we got married. I also can't stop looking at the beautiful ring he gave me "just because" while we were home visiting my family. This ring has so much importance to me. Here is the Story of THE ring. My Daddy gave me this ring for Valentine's Day before going back for college round 2. I wore it every day, it was my favorite ring!! Well, I lost it on our honeymoon, and I didn't notice until around September. I have never lost anything of real value or importance, especially jewelry. When we first got to Dallas after our honeymoon and I was setting up my jewelry box, I could tell a ring was missing, but for some strange reason I didn't know which one it was. It bothered me on and off, but I tried not to worry about it too much, plus I had a set of 3 beautiful brand new diamond rings on my left could I even think about any other rings? I believe it was in September, when Monroe and I went to see the musical Mama Mia, and for some odd reason in the middle of the play it hit was the ring Daddy gave me that had gone missing. The last I remembered it was the first night of our honeymoon. Well I was devastated, and Monroe and I turned the house upside down, called the hotel and came up with nothing. Mom and Dad have looked back home to see if they could find it in any of the stores, the ring was no where, not even to be purchased again. Mom was in a little jewelry store in Belle View near our house before Christmas and called to ask me to describe the missing ring. She said she was pretty sure that this store had it, or one that looked a lot like it, but she said it was just to expensive there. I was so excited...and thought that I would be getting it for Christmas. Christmas morning, I opened a small ring box and it wasn't the was a ring that I had loved my whole life that mom had remade for me. I absolutely love it, but I was still thinking about the lost ring. Monroe and I had to run a quick errand to the Belle View Shopping Center to pick up his dry cleaning and I asked if we could just go into the jewelry store to see if it was actually was THE ring; honestly I didn't think it was going to be, I just thought it was going to be similar; to my surprise it was the EXACT ring that I had been missing for over a year. I put it on and tears came to my eyes. The next thing I know Monroe has purchased it for me; never in a million years did I expect for him to buy it. He knew just how important it was to me, and how happy it would make me. It was the best present I have ever received from him, it was totally spur of the moment and from the heart, a total selfless act just to make me happy, plus a TOTAL surprise, and I am not easy to surprise. I have worn it everyday, and am so thankful that although it not the actual ring my Daddy gave me, I now have it from Monroe. Thank you sweet husband, I hope that you know how much it means to me, and how I will always remember that moment in the jewelry store with you.   
Picture doesn't do it justice!

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