Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunday School Lesson on In-Laws

Yesterday our Sunday School lesson was about in-laws. For the first time in our class, Monroe and I found ourselves bored and unable to relate. On our ride how we talked about how truly blessed we are to have the parents and family that we have. Not only do we feel blessed to have the parents that we grew up with, but the new familes we have gained through our marriage. We both feel just as much part of the others family as we do our own family of origin. Not to mention we ALL get along together and have fun when both families are together! Who could ask for more?! Not only do we have the best parents, but the best siblings. Monroe and I have both gained something we have always wanted and never sisters and Monroe a brother. Thank you McLeod's and Campbell's for being so great!!
"The love of family is lifes greatest blessings"

The most wonderful 4 parents in the whole world! The Lord has blessed us!
Clearly this is what brothers do?!

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