Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Really Thought I Would be Better at This....

We have been married for 459 days, and its been 371 days since my last post. So much for capturing the entire first year of marriage on this blog. I thought I was going to be much better at this than I actually am. I enjoy reading others blogs, and realized I need to be better about keeping up with ours. So I promise to update more than once a year, I am going to shoot for once a month, maybe more if I get lucky!!

Monroe and I have had an amazing year. I think the first few months of our marriage were much harder than we had anticipated, but also much better than we could have ever imagined. It sure took some getting used to not only being together all the time, but living together. There are so many things you really don't know about a person until you share every single thing with each other.

Saying I struggled with being homesick, is a drastic understatement. I cried a lot, and really would have done anything in my power to move Monroe, Tango and myself back to Alexandria. It was so difficult not having a group of girls here in Dallas, having a job that I despised and missing my family more than humanly possible. I am so blessed that I had Monroe through all of this, to hold me and love me, even when I said things like "I feel like you have kidnapped me". He sure is a trooper!! Looking back now on these feelings its hard to even capture them; I am so happy here in Dallas now, I would have a hard time leaving. There are certainly days where I miss my family back home, but Monroe and I have really made a wonderful life for ourselves here in Dallas.

The Lord has worked so much in both of our lives this past year, both as individuals and as a couple. After visiting a number of churches we really felt called to Park Cities Baptist Church. We joined the Church in May as well as the Mason's Newlywed Class; which is a Sunday School class for Newlyweds' only. The class has been such a blessing to us both. We have made such wonderful friends; it is so great to have friends that are at the same stage in life as us. Through this class, Monroe has joined a Softball team, I have had girls nights and we have had couples nights as well. I will never stop being amazed at what the Lord does when you TRULY give Him control over everything in your life. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Being laid off from my miserable job in July, was truly a blessing. Monroe and I had been struggling with whether or not I should resign, or wait it out. We trusted the Lord, and knew that He had something so much better planned for me. I started my new job on September 21st working for Bain & Company. I LOVE it!!! It is the PERFECT job for me. I am surrounded by amazing people. Once again, this was a total God thing!

Monroe is doing amazing at work, brining in new clients...conveniently most who like to play golf. I am so proud of all that he does. He is a smart man, and an inspiration to me daily. I am so proud to have him as my husband, and know that no matter what life throws at us, he will be there for me. Now, if we could only get him to shut dresser and cabinet doors he might be perfect :)

Over the past year we have done so many fun things. I will just list a few and try to include some pictures of some events.

Very important event in our household....our first hockey game as husband and wife! I am trying to be a Stars fan, but my heart will always be with the Caps. It is really fun to go to the Stars games though. My sweet husband has a way of getting us free tickets :)
At our first Stars game as husband and wife
We had our first Thanksgiving together. Bert, Gretchen, Allison and Sarah came to Dallas for Thanksgiving. All us girls made a great Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a fun weekend, with lots of fun memories.
On Thanksgiving Day

Monroe carving our first turkey
We went to my parents house for our first Christmas together. I think that the McLeod Christmas, kind of overwhelmed Monroe at times; with all of our little silly family traditions: like having to sit on the stairs until Gramma and Papa come over on Christmas morning. It was so fun to share my memories of Christmas and my family traditions with Monroe.

 My mom and dad came down for their first visit to Dallas in February, and got stuck here because of all the snow they had in DC. Lucky for us, but stressed my poor mom out. We had so much fun. We went to a Stars game, shopping and the JFK Museum. How we ended up with no pictures from this is amazing. Next time they come into town we will make up for it.
We had a HUGE snow storm in Dallas. We got a WHOLE foot! It was very exciting, and obviously a very rare occasion in Dallas. It was beautiful and we had so much fun, playing outside. Tango loved chasing snowballs.

In May we went to Clemson for Allison's graduation and Dan's Ordination. It was so great to be able to be part of both of those events. It is always great to go to Clemson to see everyone, but especially our adorable nephews Daniel and Benton. They have totally stolen my heart! I say that I am the aunt that gets to spoil them because I live far away.

The WHOLE Campbell group! At Allison and Dan's graduation!
In August we went to Gatlinburg with the WHOLE Campbell family. It was so much fun. Bert and Gretchen rented a huge cabin and we were all together. My Mom and Dad were even able to come for a night which was great. It was so much fun for us ALL to be together; I kept trying to figure out a way to keep us all in that house forever. After Gatlinburg we headed to Chattanooga (Me, Monroe, Mom and Dad) for my dear friend Meredith's wedding on August 14th. It was so much fun, and so great to see her, it had been over a year!! We also found out on this trip the Rachael is pregnant with a girl, due in January, we will have a little niece.

Dancing the night away at Meredith and Matt's wedding

On a hike in the Smokey Mountians
All of of both McLeod's and Campbells; only missing Tripp and Dan :(
Me and Monroe on the chair lift SO fun!

I am in love with these boys!

My best friend Carmen had a baby August 31st. Nina is perfect, and I will post more about her when I go visit in the beginning of December.
I can't wait to meet you sweet girl!
Bert, Allison and Gretchen came to Dallas at the end of September and we were able to take them to the state fair, which was a blast.

We just got back Monday from a trip to Knoxville for the University of Tennessee vs. Alabama football game. This trip was my birthday present from my parents, and the best present I have ever gotten. It was so much fun to be back on campus and at a game. I cried like a baby both at the Vol Walk and as the team was running through the Power T, while Rocky Top was playing. Monroe and Mom laughed at me...Daddy on the other had was in the same boat as me.
Me and my sweet Daddy after the game

Look at that BEAUTIFUL new stadium

There are so many things that Monroe and I did these past 459 days, that it is hard to capture. As this next year of marriage goes on I once again promise that I will be better at posting so I don't have to do a year long catch up again, and leave things out like I am sure I have. Monroe and I have really come to see how blessed we are to have the love that we have and the friendship that we share and that we honestly do have the best family and friends in the world.

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