Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30...Not as Bad as I Thought

A little over a month past my 30th birthday. I was not happy about turning 30. It is the first birthday that really hit me. I really believe it was not as much about the number/age but hitting this milestone in my life and my life being so different than I imagined planed it to be by 30. In lots of ways my life is better than I thought it would be, however I thought that we would for sure have one precious child and another one on the way by the time I turned 30, and we are not even pregnant. The Lord gave me a peace about this, knowing that His timing is so much better than my plan.

In typical McLeod style...well ok, not all McLeod's just my Daddy and me, my birthday lasted over a week. We traveled to the lake with my family and our dear family friends where we celebrated my birthday with my family. We had so much fun at the lake, unfortunately due to surgery I had earlier that week I couldn't go swimming but I had so much fun riding on the boat and watching everyone ski, and tube. 

The Friday before my birthday we celebrated with the Campbell side of the family. We all went to Allison and Ronnie's house and had such a yummy meal and opened presents. It is way more fun to celebrate a birthday with little kiddos helping you blow out our candles. 

One of my dearest and oldest friends Meghan came into town to spend a few days. We got up Saturday morning and headed to the spa for massages. Monroe had told me that Sunday evening we would be going over to his parents house to build the scarecrow for the front of the office. Check out all the scare crows here!! I thought it was really strange how excited he was, and Meghan was even excited. I on the other hand was not excited, in typical hormone brat style I complained about going. Sunday morning I had two friends ask me what we were doing that night and I said "going to the Campbell's to make a scare crow and they are all making a big deal about it and I am not sure why". This is not like me I normally am jumping at the chance to spend time with everyone, but I was annoyed at how excited everyone was to make a scare crow hahaha. Sunday evening comes around and Monroe won't let me wear comfy clothes in fact he tells me to freshen up and says we may get a good Christmas card picture. I am just thinking my husband has really lost it, but I did as he asked. Little did I know (I really promise I didn't know) we get there and he and his sisters and mom had planned a surprise party for me. I was totally shocked and felt really guilty for complaining about a scare crow. So fun and so thankful that Monroe and company put this together. 

Monday, Meghan and I headed to Greenville and did some shopping, had to spend the last day in my 20's of doing what I love best. That evening we met Monroe for dinner after he hunted and laughed about how I was really living it up on my last night of being 29. I had a cheap glass of wine while they sang songs from my 20's including Monroe's great rendition of "You are my Fire". 

Then at 12:00am I shed a few tears and I was 30. We had celebrated so much that by my ACTUAL birthday on Tuesday I didn't care what we did. Meghan and I ran some errands around Anderson and then I decided that I wanted to order pizza and watch the Caps opening game that night. We played a game, laughed really hard, allowed one more day off my infertility diet and watched hockey. Great way to end the birthday celebrations.

Monroe toped everything off with a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring. I was so excited and I just love it. It will be something that I always look at and remember he gave it to me when I turned 30.  

Thank you everyone for all you did to make my day so special. I am 30, and I am loving it so far. Praying that it is the best year yet. 

IVF update to come soon.


  1. Hi lovely!

    I have been enjoying your blog and so I have nominated you to receive the Liebster Blog Award!

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  3. Happy 30th birthday! When are you cycling? We might be close together. I start stims the day after Christmas.

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