Friday, March 23, 2012

Confessional Friday blog link up

I have been following the Blonde Ambition blog for awhile and always think the links to Friday Confessionals are so great, people's posts always make me laugh. Thinking back on my week, I have a lot of silly here we go ladies and gentlemen.

1) I was late to work everyday this week out of pure laziness. I could not drag myself out of bed to save my life. I am still blaming the time change, but I think it has been too long to keep that up.

2) Along with being late, I put my makeup on in the car each day to save some time....oh my word I am one of those women who I used to honk at.

3) I have been trying to cut back on Diet Dr. Pepper but each day this week have had 3. Wow, I for sure added to the normal amount that I have.

4) I can't put my Nook down, I am in the middle of the Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury and they are so good. A MUST read!!!

5) I am lusting over THESE all week and trying to talk Monroe into them...a girl needs more than one pair of Christian Louboutins right?

6) Finally...I got in a reclining glider (for a nursery) the other day, climbed myself up onto the platform it was on in the store reclined the chair and cried. These hormones are making me nuts!!

Phew feel great getting those things off my chest :)


  1. Those shoes are to die for! Love. And totally agree, a girl definitely needs more than one pair of Louboutins:) Your blog is so cute - found it through Leslie's Friday Confessions link-up. Happy Friday!

  2. Found you from the link-up! It's ok to have an off week & be late! I'm late to work at least once a week! Thank goodness I come in before my boss! HAHA! Have a great weeekend!

  3. I'm always late to work and putting on makeup on the way is normal for me! Love your page!


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