Monday, March 21, 2011

Junior League Provisional Project

This past weekend was my provisional project for Junior League. My placement for my project was the Family Place; The Family Place is a safe place for victims of domestic abuse. It is an amazing place, and I feel blessed to have been apart of it for the weekend. Read more about the wonderful organization on their website.

On Saturday, we did "spring cleaning", we painted, washed windows, sorted and organized closets, and lucky me go the task of changing air filters. There were only two of us changing these filters, Jamie and I sure got a lesson in some maintenance work :) Although this task was really dirty and lots of work, up and down a ladder and scrubbing the vents etc I feel blessed to have gotten this task because we were able to interact with the people staying at the shelter. Jamie and I went into every apartment, and really got to see into what life is like while staying at the shelter. I was so encouraged to see how many families, and individuals had Christian music on, had Bible's open on their beds, or had them in the rooms. I pray that these women will stay strong and depend on the Lord to keep them out of harms way. After a long hard day of work, we went home and rested up for Sunday.

On Sunday we had planned a carnival for the children at the shelter. My group was in charge or relay races. We had so much fun and hope that the precious children did as well. We had lots of different stations set up, from face painting, to manicures, to the bounce house, to planting flowers and decorating cookies, and painting. It was so fun to watch these children enjoy the fun things that we planned for them.

The weekend left me tired, and sore and really sun burned but most importantly it left me with a full heart and new friends. What a blessing to be part of such a wonderful group of women!! Thanks ladies for a great time, it is an honor to serve this wonderful community with yall!

My awesome group

One of the races :)
The giant canvas painting that the children did that we left with The Family Place

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