Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trip to Clemson!

This past weekend I went to Clemson for an extended weekend stay. I have been looking forward to this trip for so long; I am just sad that Monroe wasn't able to make the trip with me. I know I am blessed, but I think I sometimes forget just how amazing it is to spend time with all the Campbell's. I have said it a million times, and will say it a million more; the Lord could not have given me a better "second" family. Monroe and I are so lucky to have the families that we have!!

Alli picked me up from the Greenville airport at 11:20pm on Thursday night. We had a great car ride of catching up, on the past few months of being apart. Don't think there are many people that like to talk as much as Alli and I do, so put us together in a car and there is not a moment of silence :) We got into Clemson late so we pretty much went straight to sleep.

Friday morning I woke up to a sweet precious face at my door, Daniel had come to wake me up. It took him a bit to warm up to me; as much as I hate to admit it, he was clearly so sad that Roe-Roe was not with me, when he came to wake me up that morning, he thoughth we were always a package deal I guess. He kept telling me "No" to everything, no hugs no kisses even told me I couldn't go on our "date"!!! He finally came up to me while I was sitting on the floor, I thought "here he comes to give me hugs and kisses".... well I was wrong....he walked over to me and looked right at me with those beautiful big blue eyes and said "Roe-Roe golf?" Auntie Katie's heart shattered...but thats ok, by the end of the day I had won him over; and it had nothing to do with the fact that I bought him french fries at lunch and not the fruit cup ;)

Alli and I took Daniel on a "date" to the Clemson airport and to the dykes and then of course had to finish it off with lunch at Chick-fil-A. Daniel loved looking and "touching" all the planes. He would say "orange plane touch"; and we would walk over and he would touch every part, followed by his signature "wooooooahhhh".
Us watching a plane take off

Friday night the most of the Campbell crew went to Greenville, to see Rachael, Matt, Benton and the newest addition Kathryn. We went to Matt and Rachael's apartment and I got to meet precious Kathryn for the first of course was love at first sight. We went to Five Guys for dinner and then walked around downtown Greenville, what a cool city it is; I can't believe with all the time I have spent in South Carolina I have never really been to downtown Greenville.
Holding Kathryn for the first time!

Five Guys!

This is what happens when you have a big brother!
Saturday was Benton's 2nd birthday! I am so glad that I was able to be there for his party. How fun watching him open presents, and blow out candles. Since Daniel and Benton's birthdays are so close, they have had many joint celebrations. I think we light candles and sang Happy Birthday about 10 times :) each time they would blow them out, they would say "AGAIN?!" The big present of the night was from GiGi an Bapa...they gave both the boys pottys. So cute, and too funny to watch the boys with them. They knew what they were for, just not so sure they are ready to acutally use them and not just sit on them and play with the toilet paper.

Sunday was great! I got to hear not one but both of my brother in laws preach; Dan in the morning service and Matt at night. Besides church on Sunday, it was a lazy day, I took a nap and played with the children. Then Monday came and it was time to go home.

What a wonderful weekend filled with so many happy memories! Here are some fun pictures from the rest of my trip!

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