Thursday, December 9, 2010


Thursday, December 2, 2010 the Washington Capitals took on the Dallas Stars!! I have been waiting for this game for a year. Monroe surprised me with AWESOME seats to the game as my early Christmas present, no jewelry could have beat this present! Daddy had Brother's Ovie sweater sent to me overnight, which I wore with GREAT pride, and Monroe told me I looked like a walking jersey. The highlight of my night was while they were warming up and I went down the few rows to the glass, and had my head pressed in between the small crack of glass between the players bench and the ice, talking to the trainer. Ovie came over got his Gatorade bottle, looked right at me and WINKED....YES he WINKED at me!!! I am actually shocked that I am still breathing to tell the story. It was a great game, although the Caps lost to the Stars. I guess if they had to loose to someone better the Stars than any other team.

I was such a great night, to see my home team play in my new home! I do love the Stars, and will cheer for them over any other team, but my heart will always be with the Caps! Thanks to my great husband for a great night, and thank you Daddy and Brother for getting me a sweater to have for the game! AWESOME NIGHT!!
The "walking jersey" Tango knew we were leaving and is jumping on my leg!

Me and Monroe at the game
Right after he winked at me :) Wish it was more clear

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