Monday, November 22, 2010

5 years!!

On Thursday, November 18th Monroe and I celebrated 5 years of dating and knowing each other. I can't believe that it has been 5 years. In some ways, it feels like we just met and in others it seems like we have knows each other a lifetime. I kept thinking "I can't believe I was only 22 when we started dating, and now I am an old woman!!!"

We didn't think that we were going to get to spend time together that day because Monroe was in Wichita Falls, Texas for a business meeting and didn't anticipate being home until late. But to both of our surprise, he was home before I got home from work and we were able to go on a little date. We went to Studio Movie Grill and saw "Morning Glory", which we loved. We kept looking at each other through out the whole movie saying, "5YEARS!!!!"

We talked about all that has changed in our lives in the past 5 years, both as individuals and as a couple. We have both accomplished such great things, and most importantly gotten married, and spent the last year and 4 months together! It honestly does just seem like a few months ago that I was eagerly awaiting Monroe's arrival to my parents house 5 years ago. A memory that is so vivid to both of us. We could tell from the first few moments together that we were meant to be. That first weekend together is a time that will always be treasured. As cheesy as we both know it is, our song is Kenny Chesney's; "You Had me From Hello", every word of that song reflects how we fell in love.....instantly.

Here are a few pictures of the weekend we met!


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