Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bittersweet News

It's official the Campbell's are moving to South Carolina come September 30th!!! It is a bittersweet time for us, we are beyond excited to be moving and to be closer to family but at the same time it is so hard to leave this great city and the wonderful friends we have made over the past 3 years.

For anyone who knows Monroe and I, moving to South Carolina has always been the goal, we just didn't expect it to happen so quickly and so soon. It is so amazing to see the way the Lord has lined everything up for us to make this new adventure in our lives. The pieces have slowly been coming together over the past few months and then one day it all fell into place, and we looked at each other and were like..."LETS DO THIS!"  It is an answer to so many prayers and we could not be more blessed.

So the plan is to soak up and treasure each of our days these last 3 months in Dallas, spending time with our friends and around the city, and of course a trip to the fair once it starts. I know its not surprising that I have already shed some tears over this; Dallas has been the only home we have known as a married couple and its sad to leave so many happy memories and most importantly friends.

So Dallas friends...make plans to come and visit us in the great state of SOUTH CAROLINA!!

This probably would not be the flag that Monroe would choose to post...but hey who is writing this blog :) 

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  1. Awww I finally got around to reading your blog for SUYL Kelly's Korner and then you are moving away from the area. That is wonderful for you! Best of luck!


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