Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Brother Bear!!

Happy 24th Birthday to the one and only Tripp McLeod, aka Brother to me! For anyone who knows us well, knows that we are so blessed with the relationship that we have. We are not only brother and sister, but dear friends. I am so blessed to have him both as a brother and a friend.

Mom likes to think that he is her child, but he isn't...he is mine; it has been like that from day one, when I was just 3 and a half when he was born. There was never any jealousy of him, because he was my baby; well maybe that one time when I hit him with the rubber duck toy, and with my luck it is caught on tape; my one moment of imperfection forever to haunt me ;)

Looking back over the years of growing up I have so many happy memories with Brother. When I forced him as a student in my class and made him take tests, to driving to high school together everyday his freshman year and my senior year. ("Jesus was hiding again? I hate when He does that") Of course how could I ever forget all the random times he abuses me and doesn't even know it; it took him awhile to realize that he is bigger than me.

I can't believe he is 24 (one more glory year BB) I am so proud of the man he is! I am so proud of all he has accomplished. You are truly a blessing Brother, to so many people and I am so proud to call you MINE! Thank you for always making me laugh you are the funniest person I know, always making me feel better, and just being you!

I hope that you have wonderful day filled with happiness, although I know you are not at your full potential happiness because I am not there. And, you are welcome for me sharing my half birthday with you ;)

Love you more than you could ever know!! You are the BEST brother in the whole world!

Here are a few pictures that I think really capture the essence of Katz and Brother!
Always a great bear hug

Why does he look at me like that?

You just don't get more adorable than Brother!

There seems to be a theme
I love you!!
Many happy memories on this dock
I might never forgive mom for using this as a CHRISTMAS card!

Hugs from the Brother before walking down the aisle!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tripp! How fun :)! Great memories... love that McLeod family!!!


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